Fascinating snow!

Jouni Laaksonen 9.1.2018

My idea is to post once a week, but once again I break my rule. Yesterday I was skiing in Paljakka, and I just have to share some fairy-tale pics with you:




This is what the spruce forests in higher hills like Paljakka, Ukkohalla, Syöte, Riisitunturi look every winter. I think the English term is crown snow load (tykkylumi in Finnish.)


There are ski tracks in Paljakka, too, but I wanted to go my own way. So I chose long skis and skied off the tracks.



My goal was to eat lunch by fire at Lakikumpu lean-to, and that I did. Beside the lean-to there is a lookout tower. Views were spectacular throughout the day, but perhaps even more so from the tower!

* * *

Next post will be Monday 15.1., on Everyman’s Rights.

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