Hiking in Finland
Jouni Laaksonen 17.6.2019

I spent the first week of June hiking in Urho Kekkonen National Park. This is a vast park with an area of 2500 km2, consisting ancient forests, mighty fells, river valleys, large bogs, all that nature has to offer here up north. However, in this post I’ll concentrate on only one tiny detail: springs.

We don’t have hot springs in Finland, but our springs produce drinkable clean water. (Though also the water in brooks, rivers and lakes is drinkable clean here).

I’ll start with my favourite. On the shore of a small lake there was a symbol of a spring marked on my map. The spring was in the middle of a tiny bog. I was a bit dubious, for a spring in a bog isn’t usually very picturesque, but this one was!

Left: Approaching. Are there two springs next to each other? Yep. Right: The first pool was round, about three meters in diameter, and crystal clear water gushed from the sandy bottom all the time.
The second pool was the same size and same absolute clearness. I stood for a while admiring the serene pool, when suddenly a column of air, water and sand rose from the bottom!

Hiking in Finland

Usually the groundwater seeps to the spring quite unnoticed. Rarely you see how the groundwater gushes with such force that it makes the sandy bottom of the spring look like it was boiling. This one had another approach: It stood still for a while, and then erupted a gush producing a column of sand.

Here’s some more springs from various parts of the park:

Hiking in Finland

* * * * *

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