Cool summer, but also beachy days

Jouni Laaksonen 6.8.2019

This has been a cool summer here in the north. I understand there has been some really hot weather in Central Europe, like +40C? Huh! In Northern Finland it’s been more like +15C, which is fine for hiking.

I’m not a big fan of high temperatures, but a certain amount of hot weather, combined with a fine beach, does belong to summer! Although most of the summer has been cool, the last week of July was hot. With hot I mean temperatures of around +25C.

We spent all that week visiting the numerous natural beaches there are in our nearhood. Here’s some pics, mainly from our home lake, Lake Lentua. Summer is fun!

This is our favourite beach! (By the way, another picture of this beach can be found on page 27 of Hiking in Finland.)

Hiking in Finland

To reach this one you need a canoe or a boat…

Hiking in Finland

…and same here, too.
This one is a bit smaller beach, but quiet and nice.

Hiking in Finland

This was a new acquintance for us.

Hiking in Finland

This is another favourite of ours. To reach this beach you have to wade across a narrow strait, and then walk along a beautiful ridge for half a kilometer.




4 thoughts on “Cool summer, but also beachy days

  1. Interesting comments on the weather. Here in the U.S. much of the country has been having a high temperatures as well, but here in Wyoming the entire summer has been 1) very wet (which is very unusual) and 2) extremely cold.

    It’s like there’s been no summer at all.

    As an outdoors person, one of the oddities of this I’ve noticed is that people who don’t get outdoors much hardly seem to notice. Air conditioning still blasts arctic air into buildings even when its 50F outside (seriously) and, just the other day, somebody remarked to me about an incoming rain storm that “we sure can use the rain”.


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