Canoeing in sunset

Guidebook Hiking in Finland
Jouni Laaksonen 23.9.2019

Four days ago we did a short canoeing tour on nearby lakes. Usually we hike with our kids, but now grandparents took care of them and we went just the two of us, me and my wife.

This chain of small lakes had caught my eye earlier this summer when I was checking out something else on maps. They are just fifteen minutes from our house, but I had never seen them. This is not a big wonder, for there are nearly 200 000 lakes in Finland, and 1483 lakes within my home town boundaries (link in Finnish).

We lifted our canoe on the roof of our car and drove to these lakes. This is no canoeing route and there are no facilities – and none is needed. Everyman’s Right guarantees we can paddle wherever we wish to.

Our route consisted of three lakes, and carrying, pulling or punting along a small stream between them.

Once again the old truth very forcefully came true: It’s always a good idea to go hiking or canoeing! Even if it’s already late after a work day, even if the planned destination is a bit adventurous or dubious.

When our canoe glided along the completely still Lake Number 1, the light was wonderful! The sun was just above horizon, shining from behind of us, and the forest and a lone cliff mirrored perfectly from the lake. This was canoeing at it’s best. Some pics:

Guidebook Hiking in Finland

Guidebook Hiking in Finland

Guidebook Hiking in Finland

Then we pulled our canoe over a bog, paddled across smaller Lake Number 2, and punted along a too small stream to reach Lake Number 3. By now the sun had fallen just below horizon, which was orange and yellow. This was the largest lake, and we enjoyed the easy canoeing without any wind or waves. We just paddled relaxedly, watched the sunset and listened to quietness. Here’s a short video:

We reached our car at about 8 pm, just when it started to get dark. Nice little outing and perfect timing.

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