First snow

Hiking in Finland - October
Jouni Laaksonen 21.10.2019

Hello everyone! I’ve been so busy hiking in Lapland these autumn months that I’ve been quiet here. I’ll try to remedy that now. 🙂

Last week was the autumnal school holiday week in Finland. We rented a cabin in Posio, Southern Lapland, and hiked in the nearby hiking trails and protection areas. And there are plenty of them in Posio!

At this time of the year in Northern Finland you cannot know beforehand whether there is snow or not. Often it’s also cloudy and something is falling from the sky. This past week it was mostly snow that was falling, which is much nicer than rain.

So, here’s some pics from Posio last week. First there are three pics from lower altitudes, from Korouoma Nature Reserve: there was only a thin layer of snow decorating the trees, if even that. The latter three pics are from Riisitunturi National Park, where the fells and hills rise some 200 meters higher than Korouoma area. The difference in snow depth was considerable.

Hiking in Finland - October

On a cloudy October day everything looks black and white, but good old black and white can be beautiful, too. A still lake in the southeastern part of Korouoma area.

Hiking in Finland - October

Korouoma gorge.

Hiking in Finland - October

Piippukallio lean-to and fireplace is situated on a fantastic place, above the Korouoma gorge.

Hiking in Finland - October

View from Riisitunturi fell to Lake Kitkajärvi and beyond. There was about ten centimeters of snow.

Hiking in Finland - October

In Riisitunturi area the lakes were already starting to freeze. However, this is still very far from ice that you can walk or ski over.

Hiking in Finland - October

In the day hiking zone the trails were wide and well trodden. I wanted to walk further, and in the more remote part of the park the path was much more narrow.

* * *

Next week I’ll show more colourful pics and tell what kind of ruska (autumn colors) I saw this year!

5 thoughts on “First snow

  1. Thank you, Julie. Hiking in Finland concentrates on hiking by walking during spring, summer and autumn, and skiing (and a little bit on tour skating) in winter. However, the hiking skills I describe in the book (seasons, equipent needed, Finnish maps and coordinates, Everyman’s Rights, making a fire wilderness huts and so on, and also finding orchids, or rock paintings, or other natural or historical sights) are very handy for a cyclist here in the north, too.

    In addition to walking destinations there’s also one fantastic destination for cycling (Åland Island), and some great destinations for canoeing. Though for you, I think Åland Islands may be too small a place. I have understood you like to cycle longer distances?

    But do you combine cycling and walking? I did several longer bicycle tours in my youth that concentrated only on cycling along roads. Now later in my life I have liked to combine cycling along roads and walking off the roads. For example to cycle from one national park to another, and do some day hiking in both of them, and other hiking destinations along my cycling route, too. For that the book gives a lot of ideas.

    Oh my, I wrote all that and only now I noticed you were not asking about road cycling, but trail cycling! 🙂 Well, yes, there’s some info about mountain biking. I do recommend some national parks in the book for mountain biking, like Hossa NP (or is trail cycling a better word?), and one even for winter MTB. So, there’s more info about trail cycling than road cycling, but still the main focus is on walking.


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  2. Thank you very much for such an informative reply!
    It sounds as though your book is packed full of interesting information that will be useful for me, cycling or not!!
    I’m going to buy a copy before too long.
    I’m sure I’ll be able to explore Finland in much more depth on my next visit.
    Thanks to you of course!! 🙏😊


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