World Book Day

Hiking in FInland guidebook
Jouni Laaksonen 23.4.2020

Today, 23th April, is World Book Day. The European Writers’ Council has a campaign called “Behind every book”. My own association, Suomen tietokirjailijat, or in English,  The Association of Finnish Non-fiction Writers, is member of the EWC.

The idea is to publish two pics, first one with the open book in front of the author’s face, and the second with the face visible. We authors are supposed to publish these pics in the social media, like Facebook, Intsagram, Twitter, whatever. Well, I’m not participating in any of those social media channels, this blog is my social media. So here comes! 🙂

My latest three books are:

Hiking in Finland (publisher Karttakeskus, June 2019)

Pohjois-Suomen vaellusreitit (publisher Minerva, April 2020, in Finnish)

Kiilopään retkeilyopas (publisher Calazo, April 2020, in Finnish)

The EWC also hopes a sentence is added behind the hashtagged #behindeverybook, so here’s my sentence:

#worldbookday2020 #faktahommissa #behindeverybook there is a person, an author who has done a lot of work to produce that book. 🙂

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