Beautiful midwinter

Jouni Laaksonen 19.1.2021

Midwinter is the most demanding season in Finnish nature, and by a distance. Temperature can be really low, daylight time is short, snow cover is often thick and so soft that your skis sink deep. Also, often the weather in December and January is cloudy, which makes the landscape black and white, almost colorless. Also there are no shadows when the clouds are thick, which drains the views even more.

However, sometimes you happen to time your hike so that there are cloudless days. That’s what happened to me last week in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. And then you remember: midwinter is magically beautiful!

We skied for four days with my good friend. Temperatures were quite low, the lowest was –36°C, but the days were just packed with wonderful sceneries. Here are some pics.

Happy hikes to everyone in 2021, and let’s stay healthy!

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