Deserted beaches

Jouni Laaksonen 22.6.2021

There are two kinds of us: those that love living in a big city and seeing a lot of people every day, and those that love living in countryside, in solitude. Well, of course this is an exaggeration and there are every kind of people between those two extremities. 🙂

Anyway, I belong strongly to the latter type. One of the great aspects of living in a sparsely populated area is that you find peace and tranquility everywhere. Yesterday it was +30°C, which is really really hot for Northern Finland. I do not love such hot temperatures – unless I can spend the hot day on a beach. And that’s what we did, or in fact we spent the afternoon on one beach and the evening on another.

At the first beach there was also another family swimming. At the later beach there was no one but our family.

Our afternoon beach…
…also here.
Our evening beach…
…and no one else than our family. Just as we like it. 🙂

Wherever you live, I hope you have also access to solitude sometimes. Happy summer days to everyone!

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