Gear list for winter hiking

Jouni Laaksonen 31.3.2022

I was asked if I have a list of gears I carry on my winter hikes. Of course I have, but I didn’t have one in English right away. Now I translated my list to English, and I decided to make a post of it.

A sledge (pulka) is a good option to pull your winter gear.
A backpack is the other way to carry your winter equipment.

You do need quite a lot of equipment to tackle freezing temperatures, a meter of snow and so on, but at the same time you must not take too much weight to pull or carry with you. Here’s my list, but remember you need to modify it to your own taste. Below you’ll find the list as four jpg images. If you like a single pdf more, here’s the link.

The list alone does not answer many of the questions. If you are not familiar with hiking in deep snow and cold temperatures, do read my blog, and I – of course 🙂 – recommend my book Hiking in Finland. Winter hiking is great fun, but there are hazards you need to be aware of.


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