Long distance hiking

Hiking in Finland. Long expeditions in Lapland.

Do you nurture dreams about hiking 1000 kilometers? Or backpacking for a month or two? Here's first of a series of posts on these subjects.


Autumn is coming, and that’s great!

The Hiker's Guide to Finland; hiking in Finland

If you come from abroad, national parks are very good destinations to hike in, for they naturally present the very best Finland has to offer. However, if you live in Finland, or stay here for a longer period, you should know that national parks are just a tip of an iceberg. There are hundreds of hiking destinations suitable for weekend hiking, and thousands of great day hiking destinations. Short description of a paddling hike to one of those not so known places, and also thoughts about autumn.

Competition on wilderness skills

The Hiker's Guide to Finland, hiking in Finland, this time writing on a competition of wilderness skills.

When I first time heard there is an annual Finnish Championships competition on wilderness skills (Erävaelluksen SM-kilpailut), I was not interested. In my opinion hiking was, and still is, a hobby where you can walk leisurely in the woods or fells, without hurry or stress. And competition is quite the opposite to that! However, after all I ended up participating in the competition in 1998. And... well, since then I've participated 18 times. There is something weirdly addicting in this form of competition!