Opp: Swim hiking (July)

Let's forget snow and freezing temperatures for a while: let's see what Finland looks like in the opposite part of year, July. Imagine a hot day. Have you tried combining swimming and hiking?


Everyman’s Rights

In Finland you are allowed to go wherever you want in forests, fells, bogs and so on. You may swim, paddle or row a boat in every lake and river. You can pitch your tent almost wherever you wish. It does not matter who owns the land, the right to walk, ski, paddle, or camp is for everyone. 

Fascinating snow!

My idea is to post once a week, but once again I break my rule. Yesterday I was skiing in Paljakka, and I just have to share some fairy-tale pics with you!


The light of January

January is one of the least hiked months in my calendar. There are several reasons, like cold, shortage of light etc. But this is also great time to see aurora borealis, and with right equipment and attitude a good hiking month like the eleven others!


Differences in definitions, and about long treks, too

Different definitions of a national park. Largest forested wilderness in Europe? And also a bit about long (multi-month) treks...


Opposites: Hossa NP opening ceremony (June)

Finland chose to give Hossa to itself as a 100 year birthday present, by establishing the newest National Park in Finland to Hossa. Hossa already was a National Hiking Area since 1979. What changed when it was converted to a National Park?


Opposites week 51, part II

If you want to head deep into a wilderness, you should rather choose another season than midwinter. But if you know what you are doing, of course it is always possible to go for a longer trek. Let's see the most challenging conditions Finland has to offer.