Millennium hike: two months in wilderness (prologue)

Hiking in Finland - Day Trips and Backpacking Expeditions

Have you ever dreamed of a really long hike? Like two months or so. Here starts a story of such an expedition. This hike was not easy all the time, but the journey was completely unforgettable.


Opposites week 51, part II

If you want to head deep into a wilderness, you should rather choose another season than midwinter. But if you know what you are doing, of course it is always possible to go for a longer trek. Let's see the most challenging conditions Finland has to offer.

Opposites week 49, part I

I had first thought I would always tell about one nice hike during the month I'm writing the current blog post, but then I started to think that as I begin the blog in December, I will not lure anyone to hike in Finland if I only describe my hikes in December and January... Those are the harshest months of our year. So I decided I will select always two opposite months! In December I'll tell about a longer ski tour in December, but also about a summer day hike in June. In January the months I'll be telling about are January and July, and so on.