Differences in definitions, and about long treks, too

Different definitions of a national park. Largest forested wilderness in Europe? And also a bit about long (multi-month) treks...


Opposites: Hossa NP opening ceremony (June)

Finland chose to give Hossa to itself as a 100 year birthday present, by establishing the newest National Park in Finland to Hossa. Hossa already was a National Hiking Area since 1979. What changed when it was converted to a National Park?

Opposites week 51, part I

There is many kinds of hiking. Sometimes it is nice to face challenges, but often it is wonderful to take it easy. To enjoy beautiful scenery during day and return to a luxurious cabin for the evening.


Prologue: First thoughts about Finnish Way of Hiking

Hello, world! I have written about hiking in Finland for 17 years for my living. 13 books and over thousand pages of magazine articles, in Finnish. Now I thought I'd like to share my thoughts, and try to create discussion internationally.