Autumn is coming, and that’s great!

The Hiker's Guide to Finland; hiking in Finland
Jouni Laaksonen 3.9.2018

After a long and hot summer autumn has finally arrived. It’s wonderful that it’s not too hot any more. It’s no fun to hike in +28°C, I rather choose +18°C.

A week ago we spent the weekend on hike that combined paddling and hiking. We went to Mujejärvi, one of hundreds not much known and therefore very tranquil, but still charming and versatile hiking destinations of Finland. The forty national parks are just a small tip of an iceberg.


Paddling on lake Mujejärvi.

This time we left our kids at home with a babysitter they love. It was good to have some time of our own, my wife and me. We slept the night in a lean-to, and it was relaxing to first sit beside the still lake, and later to watch the campfire in the darkening autumn evening.


Food is prepared and eaten, now the campfire may start to die down.

After one and half days of paddling we were hiking back to our car when we came across a spot of chanterelles. The day before we had tasted the first ripe lingonberries of this autumn.


Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius) are one of the most delicious mushrooms in Finland.

Right there and then I decided I’d write about the joys of autumn in this post. However, now I remember I have already done that last winter… Please see

About picking autumn berries and mushrooms, and more widely about Everyman’s Rights.

Differences of the months of autumn.

As you can see from the latter of those posts, the time of autumn colors is coming. Maybe I’ll write another post with different pics about them next week. Or something else. 🙂







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