Best way to spend a hot day?

Quite normal situation in Northern Finland: There's no one else at the great beach than your own family.
Jouni Laaksonen 24.7.2018

July is our holiday month, and what a hot month this has been! Day temperature in shadow is constantly between 25 and 30 degrees Celcius! This is not normal in Finland. We usually have some over 25 degrees days, and we are very happy about them. July is the hottest month here, but mostly the temperatures are nearer 20 than 25 degrees.

Hot weather is not the best for hiking, but we have done lots of that, too. However, the best way to spend a hot day is to go to beach. And to my taste, the more deserted beach, the better.

There are nearly 200 000 lakes in Finland. Not every one of them offers a beach, but really many do. Our home lake is called Lentua, and we have spent many of these hot afternoons on one of the many beaches of Lake Lentua. Our favorite beach is not accessible by car, and therefore there are usually nobody else, or maybe just one other family.

Yesterday I got an idea: I’ll shoot a short video and share it with you. There’s no speech, just the scenery.

Enjoy your summer! (If it is summer where you are reading this.) I’ll continue my weekly blog posts in August.

4 thoughts on “Best way to spend a hot day?

  1. Great beach! We’re quite close to Lohjanjärvi but did not visit it enough this year….too busy running wild about the gardens trying to keep everything watered! Glad it’s over. Hoping for much snow & a quiet winter


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