The wonderful first summer days!

Hiking in Finland guidebook


Jouni Laaksonen 1.6.2020

Summer is here! And what a fantastic time for hiking it is right now: the temperature is warm, but not too hot (around +20C), and there are no mosquitoes yet!

Hiking in Finland guidebook

Finland is a long country, and especially so in May and this year also in the beginning of June. In Southern Finland there was no snow during all the winter, and summer is well on it’s way there. Here where I live, about midway north, there was plenty of snow and the skiing conditions were excellent until the beginning of May. In Lapland there are areas where there is still a lot of snow!

Usually the beginning of June is good hiking time (by walking) everywhere, except maybe in the north-westernmost corner of Finland, though you have to plan according to the water level, which may be high. This was not a usual winter.

Hiking in Finland guidebook

But I was telling about the first summer days here in Kainuu province. During the last week or so the amount of green has grown hugely. All the snow is gone now, and the brownish, deadish ground is sprouting green everywhere. And the trees are getting greener day by day. The green of spring is just so pure and vivid!

So, perfect temperature, no rain, no mosquitoes, birds are singing earnestly, this must be the best time to hike in  Finland? Yes! Or… eh, well, in July it is so wonderful to walk to a natural beach and enjoy hot weather and cool water; and in August it’s magnificent to hike as you can collect berries and mushrooms to enrich your hiker’s diet, and also the weather conditions are great; and in September the autumn colors are just a must; and in October the first snow and aurora borealis fascinate; and in winter it’s so great to glide on top of snow

I wish you all a great summer! – Or have a great winter if you live down under. 🙂

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